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Private house

in front of the sea

Sukumo City is located at the edge of Kochi Prefecture in Shikoku.

A detached house stands on the seaside in a town full of nature, including the sea, mountains, and rivers.

A guest house created by remodeling a private house.

We provide you and your loved ones with a private rental house that is earthquake resistant.

Eat delicious fish dishes and enjoy drinks at local restaurants.

Take a walk in the nearby nature or enjoy marine leisure in the summer.

Computers, TVs, and Wi-Fi are also available, so remote work is also possible.


spacious space

There are two luxurious 8-tatami bedrooms.

You can watch the ocean from your room while sitting in a reclining chair.

There is also a children's area with plenty of play equipment for small children.

There are also picture books, books, and video games.

You can also relax and read in the hammock.

There is also a kitchen, so you can cook the fish you caught in the sea or buy fresh ingredients to enjoy with your family.

Although the bath is small, there is also a nice hot spring near the house.

Pets are also allowed!

Family is not just humans.

Dogs and cats are also wonderful family members.

You won't be able to enjoy your trip because you'll be worried if you leave your beloved dog or cat alone.

Guest House Sakura is a private house. We also have a garage (earth floor) and some rooms with flooring, so

Both indoor and outdoor dogs are allowed to stay with you.

*Flea and tick prevention and vaccinations are required.

sofa room
sofa room
recliner chair
recliner chair
ocean view
ocean view


Location: 4-49 Katashima, Sukumo City, Kochi Prefecture

TEL:  090-5144-5782 (+81 0880-63-9431)

MAIL:  sakurasukumo@gmail.com

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